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Charnwood Excel Services

The majority of all businesses will use Excel to some degree.
Excel is without doubt a very powerful spreadsheet application and arguably the best in the world. However, many people often design their spreadsheets with no foresight at all.
This means most spreadsheets have poor foundations and have limited life spans. Perhaps the number one rule when designing a spreadsheet is, we should start with the end in mind and never assume you will not need to add more data or formulae to your spreadsheet, because, the chances are that you will.

A good spreadsheet should have about 80% planning and 20% implementation.

While this can seem extremely inefficient in the short run, I can assure you that the long term gain will far outweigh the short-term pain.

Remember that spreadsheets are about giving accurate information to the user, not possible erroneous information that looks good.

NCAT Solutions can advise you how to create spreadsheets efficiently and improve your management information.

Excel Consultancy and Development

Do you need help designing a spreadsheet or Excel based solution?
There is nothing worse than a vital spreadsheet that you use daily which is poorly designed.

Symptoms of poor design could include:

  • Having to regularly update formulea to account for content or layout changes

  • Poor layout of key data ie. having to scroll to the bottom to get a figure then back to the top for the next figure

  • Data overload, key metrics are not obvious at a glance

  • #N/A, #Value or other formula errors

  • Large file sizes and poor response times

Perhaps you need a new spreadsheet creating and are unsure on what formulea you need to use, or maybe modifications to an existing spreadsheet. If so NCAT Solutions can help.

We pride ourselves in developing spreadsheets that are both user friendly and functional, when macros, user forms and smart formulea are used the spreadsheet really comes to life.

Email us a brief outline of what the spreadsheet is for, and we will contact you to discuss your requirements further.

MS Office Macros & Automation

VBA is the programming language used to write macros within Excel and other MS Office products, it is a very powerful feature that is often overlooked by businesses.

It can be used to automate tasks that may be manual, repetitive or complex which can significantly reduce the risk of human error often caused by manual data entry and manipulation and enables the introduction of data validation and rigid workflows.

One of the greatest benefits realised through the use of VBA macros is the considerable savings that can be made in both time and money. Also the ability through good design to simplify tasks and processes allowing for far greater staff flexibility.

" A member of staff generates a daily report that requires data from multiple sources, the data is then formated and summarised with various calculations taking an hour to produce."

In order to reduce business risk more than one member of staff will need to understand how to generate the report and additional staff may need to be trained to cover holidays etc.

By allowing NCAT Solutions to develop custom VBA macros for your business the report creation could be replaced with a single button to click and would be ready for distribution within seconds, the process is now simple enough to mitigate any further training needs and would save the business 260 hours per year.

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